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  • Atomic Physics:
    Anne L’Huillier (Lund University, Sweden): Atomic physics with attosecond pulses (theory and experiments)
    Louis DiMauro (Ohio State University, USA) : Strong-field atomic physics
  • Molecular Physics:
    Mauro Nisoli (Politecnico di Milano, Italy): Fundamentals of high-order harmonic generation and attosecond metrology. Molecular physics with attosecond pulses (experiments)
    Fernando Martín (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain): Molecular physics with attosecond pulses (theory)
    Olga Smirnova (Max Born Institut – Berlin, Germany): Strong field physics in chiral media (theory)


  • Solid State Physics:
    Robert Baker (Ohio State University, USA): Transient absorption/reflectivity attosecond spectroscopy
    David Reis (Stanford University, USA): High-order harmonic generation in solids / NL x-ray physics


  • Experimental Techniques:
    Yann Mairesse (CELIA, Bordeaux, France): High-order harmonic spectroscopy; In-situ attosecond techniques
    Dimitris Charalambidis (ELI-ALPS, Hungary; FORTH-IESL, Greece): Nonlinear optics in the XUV


  • XUV Technology:
    Luca Poletto (IFN-CNR Padova, Italy): XUV optics for attosecond technology
    Philip Bucksbaum (Stanford University (USA)): Free Electron Lasers and attosecond pulses
    Pascal Salieres (CELIA-Saclay, France): Attosecond metrology: RABBITT, Rainbow RABBITT, attosecond streaking, molecular tomography